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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hosting a Book Party!

Are you intetested in Hosting a Avon Book Party? Here is some information for you to know!

Your goal is to get FREE stuff and Hostess Credit. I will send you a Hostess packet in the mail (catalogs, order form booklet, samples of a few things and credit card forms). Not only will you get the Campaign catalog you will also be getting a "Mark." catalog (These are very Hott right now). You will enjoy everything you see in these catalogs. You want to show your family and friends these catalogs and get them to order as much as they want...the more they spend the more FREE product and Hostess credit you will get!

Sales and Freebies:

*For a $200.00 in sales : 1 Free Natures Best Product & 10% (20.00) in free product

*For a $300.00 in sales: 2 Foot Works & 10% (30.00) in free product.

*For $500.00 in sales: 1 Parfume of your choice & 50.00 in free product.

*For $1000.00 in sales: Any 1 item FREE, Skin So Soft Set and 20% in sales 200.00 in free product.

*If someone is interested in Hosting a Book Party from your Book Party add $10.00 for every person that holds a show and their show is over $200.00.

This is a great way to get Free items and lots of great stuff! Take time to see the "Mark." catalog online @ .

Contact me if interested!